Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Halloweekend at Cedar Point

Maggie got her first taste of a real amusement park the other weekend as we pack up the car and headed out for the opening of "Halloweekends" at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. Along with her Mommy and Daddy, Maggie was able to enjoy the day with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Pete, Aunt Alicia, Uncle Rob, Uncle Nolan and Grandpamama. We tried the school bus and lolli-swing in 'Camp Snoopy', but Maggie wasn't much of a fan. She had more fun riding the smaller kiddie rides towards the front of the park. It's too bad we didn't find these rides until the day was almost over. This didn't stop Maggie from trying to cram a ride into every last minute of the day. She was going strong all the way until the park closed. That's our girl!

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