Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Hands On Museum of Ann Arbor

Maggie and Daddy decided to explore the Children's Hands On Museum in downtown Ann Arbor. A fun day was had by all! Maggie enjoyed playing with all the fun "toys" while Dad tried to entertain the thought that he was actually teaching her a thing or two about science.
Maggie had fun playing "garden" by grabbing (plastic) flowers from inside the motor home and planting them into the (plastic) dirt:
The ball rolls left, the ball rolls right. The ball rolls left, the ball rolls right...
Playing with the Tesla coil. Daddy was so proud. :)
Maggie pulled up a gigantic bubble around herself:
Taking a break next to her new friend "Mr. Mousey":
Climbing the kiddie sized rock wall:
Building a tower from building blocks:

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siteseer said...

she looks like she's having a ball. Time to get out our tinker toys and lincoln logs. Maybe even the Barbies. We're going to have fun now.